below:  my photo of meadow grass, bluebells and stitchwort in the dove valley, staffordshire, in the peak district, near my home

 from woodland to meadow


The Story of a Meadow 

...was a commission to write a play on the restoration of traditional hay meadows in the Northern Pennines, .  It is a magical and amusing journey through the vast sweep of human history that created our stunning rural landscape; it includes songs and at least on nice frock.   Keep your eyes open for a possible future tour.  In the meantime I am reworking the script for radio. The play has a cast of four - three male and one femaie, but with lots of doubling, so many more actors are possible.  The script is as yet unpublished, but simply contact me if you are interested in reading it and I can send a draft copy.

"An enthusiastic audience at Bowes Village Hall hosted the world premiere of this play, written with a fine sense of rural humour by Simon Corble."  Helen Brown, The Northern Echo

  Produced by Blaize and

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 The Signalman

 from the ghost story by Charles Dickens

Found Theatre toured the play to small scale venues October - November 2009 and January 2010, with a re-run during October and November 2010

  “Sinister, atmospheric and with a spine chilling twist in its tail”
City Life (Manchester)


My own good self as ghost hunter Montagu Furzan,

and below, Paul Sullivan as "the unfortunate driver"

  Paul Sullivan

 The Signalman is a short play, lasting about 45 Minutes, but I plan to combine it with two shorter supernatural tales by Dickens, to create a complete Dickensian Ghost Package called "Haunted Men".  The Signalman script is available on request, and has indeed already been produced by many amateur companies.

Someone killed on the line

 Here is the review from Now Then magazine, Sheffield:-

"It was a wet and windy night, but that was a perfect backdrop to a performance of ghost stories at the Lantern Theatre. 

The adaptations were written by Simon Corble....creating a palpable atmosphere of tension.

The second half belonged to The Signalman, with Sullivan taking the titular role. His portrayal of the lonely signalman haunted by portents of danger and the spectre of his own death was beautifully restrained. Restless anxiety and mental anguish flowed from his hunched shoulders and furrowed brow.

The Victorian splendour of the Lantern Theatre was most fitting and Found Theatre’s production was very much at home in it. These were not Hollywood yarns of shocks and gore, just classically told tales of creeping and titillating dread."

Sara Hill