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No Words for Snow - link to video on vimeo

Simon Corble - The Hound of the Baskervilles - The Play

A journey through my White Peak year, in poems and photographs

The Signalman a play adapted from Charles Dickens
The Chase Over the Mountains

The Fisherman and his Soul

Above:  Josie Cerise and Joe Flemming as Jem and Jason in the Blaize production

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My History in Brief

Played Hamlet aged 16 at Lymm Grammar School, Cheshire and never looked back.

Trained as an actor at Manchester Poly(now MMU) but started to create my own work even then.

Founded Midsommer Actors' Co. in 1990 specifically to create promenade theatre in the most atmospheric natural locations; but with the emphasis on the actor's performance. Won awards and a massive following in the North of England. Started writing for this unique form of theatre.

In addition, I was writing and directing for, amongst others, the likes of The Library Theatre Co. Harrogate Theatre, The London Bubble, Lancaster Duke's Playhouse, North Country Theatre.

Mr Corble taking notes during The Hound of the Baskerviiles

Corble taking notes, directing The Hound of the Baskervilles

2001: Took two years out to work on the extraordinary Greek Island of Ikaria as a guide and manager for a small tour company.

Started Found Theatre, with first production in 2005.  Powerful stories, simple means.

Concentrating principally on writing at present, with some directing and performance work.  (Main photo at top is myself as Montagu Furzan teller of GHOST STORIES.)

Other passions: walking; natural history; wine and food; Greek language ancient and modern (& wine and food); music of many kinds; poetry....wild swimming.

Corble, that's Simon Corble in one of his spiritual homes, Hilbre Island